Booker Tools - tools for smarter renting

Tools for smarter renting

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The ease of renting

Let the system work for you

Booker Tools is a set of tools tailored for vacation rental owners, developed through years of experience.

It enables you to increase revenue by networking with leading worldwide booking channels such as, Expedia, Airbnb and others, without the risk of overlapping reservations.

Channel manager

Manage from one place

Lean on our experience

For renters, the most important thing is to be present on different booking websites, which can be complicated and time consuming.

Booker Tools allows you to control prices on all channels from one place.

Availability is automatically updated - when you receive a reservation on one website, those dates are automatically closed on all other websites.

Ease of business

We save your nerves and time

Booker Tools provides you simpler solutions to your daily obligations as a renter.

In a few clicks, you can get the exact time of each guest's arrival, issue an invoice, have insight to your finances using graphs, or scan guests documents through mobile application.

Currently supported only in Croatia: eVisitor login, invoice fiscalization

Happy you, happy guest

Recommend service and earn extra money

Booker Tools gives you the option of offering additional services to your guests from our offer, such as excursions, transfers or restaurants.

Of each additional service sold, you earn a certain percentage!


E-mail templates

Stop wasting time on endless e-mail communication with guests. Customize, personalize and send automatic mails created from our templates.

Reservation confirmed

Dear Lisa, thank you for making a reservation with us...

day after booking
Useful information

Dear Hans, here are directions to find our apartment...

three days before arrival
Thanks to the guest

Hey Manuel, hope you enjoyed your stay...

day after departure

Booking engine

Receive direct reservations

If you have your own website, you can receive direct reservations through our "booking engine".

When a guest clicks "book now" button, you will receive an automatically synchronized reservation.

Registration with a photo!

Handle eVisitor check-in in seconds

No more manual data entry - just put the camera over the document, and the application will automatically import all the information!

Currently supported only in Croatia


Save money and time

Calculate how many units you have - that's how much you pay! Without contracts and hidden costs!


Friendly control panel
Issuing and bill fiscalization
Mobile application
Automatic eVisitor login
Email templates
Customer support

  • -5% 10+ accommodation units
  • -10% 20+ accommodation units
  • upon request 30+ accommodation units

1.49 EUR per unit 1.49 EUR monthly VAT is included in the price


Classic Booker features
Channel manager
(automatic calendar synchronization with online reservation channels)

  • -5% 10+ accommodation units
  • -10% 20+ accommodation units
  • upon request 30+ accommodation units

5.99 EUR per unit 5.99 EUR monthly VAT is included in the price

Try it 15 days for free

Managed by us

Do you still find it complicated?

We have a plan B - leave it all to the experts!

Full care of reservations, advertising, communication, and prices is left to experienced professionals who know how to maximize your occupancy rate.

You can decide to work independently again at any time.